Ardell Family Band

This morning was début of the "Ardell Family Band".

Mainly, both the keyboardist and lead guitarist were gone this week – so Em and I had to pony up and lead worship.  Cool

It was pretty cool acutally as I have been practicing on my 6-string at lot recently as I have been leading worship for our couples Bible study. I also recently picked up a thumb pick – which made a WORLD of differences in my playing!!  Between those two things and the fact that I have been playing the bass most Sundays made today fairly painless.

The wonderful thing was that Em and I both have the same style of worship so it was really easy to flow with the Spirit. Shoot, I found myself so caught up with worshiping I forgot about the church and the music!! It was powerful.

Granted, I still have some work to do before I'm "really" good as there was a few times when I got off beat…but that is part of learning.  Tongue out