Naturally Supernatural by Gary Best

Living between the ages – between the here and not yet.

Gary Best’s book Naturally Supernatural is about such a life:

  • Joining God in His Work
  • God’s Powerful Tools
  • Seeing What God Sees
  • Empowered by God’s Spirit
  • Bringing the Kingdom to People
  • The Key to Persevering

This is a book about joining in God’s work – not just preaching the Gospel – but praying for the sick, cleaning the leapers, raising the dead and casting out demons. [@more@]

Gary does a great job a telling real life stories about working in the ministry while staying firmly planted in the Bible. He even talks about why people sometimes don’t get healed when we pray…

I must note, however, that the book feels a bit disjoined at times….almost as if Gary goes off to to left field and forgets he is suppose to be headed to home-base….

Over all, it is a powerful book and a great read. I was especially touched by the last two chapters.