Faith Like Potatoes

Normally I don’t watch “Christian” movies. Mostly because they tend to be very cheese and poorly made – which is kind of sad.

However, over the past few months I have watched two films that have changed my view of “Christian” movies. The first one was “Fireproof” – which did a great job at highlighting the struggles in a marriage and the need for Christ’s unconditional love.

The second film is “Faith Like Potatoes”.

It is a movie based upon the real life story of Angus Buchan, a Zambian farmer. The film opens for an angry Angus forced to flee Zambia due to the unrest in the area. He resettles his family in South Africa only to fall into depression, anger and fear. [@more@]

Finally at the end of his rope and the prodding of his wife, Augus attends a church function where he is broken on the altar. The corn fields become his “green cathedral” as he seeks God from the seat of a tractor or the saddle of his horse. Life doesn’t automatically get “better” for Angus – but he does have Jesus to walk beside him.

Don’t let the South African setting fool you – it is a movie about all of us – especially those living in farming and/or ranching communities.

If possible, watch “Faith Like Potatoes” – better yet, gather a bunch of your friends together and watch it. Only, make sure you turn on the close captioning feature as the actors’ South African accents are a bit tough to understand. Laughing