Conversation with Todd Hunter: Part Two

I have one last jewel to pass on from my conversation with Todd Hunter on Monday.

Heaven is not the goal; it’s the destination.

The goal is to become the People of God who join with Him as He works within the world.

Did you catch that?

It made me stop and think for a monument as well…

A lot of the time, we – the church – talk about heaven as that is the goal of Christianity. Let us accept Jesus and have our sins forgiven so that we can go to heaven and not hell.

Yet, if we read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ ministry, we see that Jesus spend more time training his followers to join him in loving the world then he did “forgiving” their sins. [@more@]

Here another example: If I (by some miracle) got drafted by the New York Yankees, I wouldn’t go around telling everyone that I’m going to New York. I would tell them that I was part to the Yankees.

Our goal as followers of Christ it to join Him as He spreads His grace, love, justice and mercy through out the world. Heaven is just a destination that we will get too one day after our work is complete.