A High School Musical Marathon

The problem with living with two ladies is the romantic movies or “chick flicks” they watch. The great depression has hit the Ardell Household.  

This weekend we had a High School Musical Marathon – luckily without the bouncing sing-a-long ball. Of course, this didn’t really stop the sign-a-long, it just stopped the subtitles. Undecided

High School Musical: A Review

Ok. I will confess. I did enjoy watching this flick. Yelp – it is one of the best comedies out there!

What do you mean it’s not a comedy? Have you SEEN it?  It’s a comedy.

Well…sure there was this couple who got together…but man, it was funny. =)  Oh – and the songs were pretty cool as well.  I especially liked the basketball song (“Keep your head in the game” – or something like that).  [@more@]

High School Musical 2: A Second Review

Being a marathon, we had to watch the sequel. Unfortunately, this movie wasn’t as good as the first (very few sequels are).  

Personally, I did not like the fact that the whole movie was based upon the break up of Troy and Gabriella.   It’s like – dude, we just watched them get together! Why do we want to watch them break up?!  Sigh.

The kitchen scene was pretty cool, though.  Oh – and the baseball song. That one rocked!!