Iron Man: Film Review

Last night was a date night – Imax style. That’s correct – Iron Man on the Imax screen. It was a blast!!

As nerdy as I may be, I’ve never been a comic book fan boy (unless you count Peanuts or Schlock). Iron Man to me was a guy in a metal suit – nothing more. However, I happened upon a Time magazine article about Robert Downey Jr. I was impressed with Downey’s background and his struggles to put his life back together.

At one point in the article it mentioned Iron Man and how hard Downey worked to get the roll of Tony Stark. That sparked my interest in the movie so I asked Em to request it via our Netflick account. That is when I figured out that it wasn’t to be released until May 2nd….

On May 2nd all I heard about from co-workers and online blog/forums was how good the Iron Man movie was. That did it – I was going to go check it out for myself. Hence the date night.[@more@]

The great thing was that the film did not disappoint us – it was great! It had all the right balance of action, character development and humor (not to mention very little “bad” stuff).

If you have the opportunity to see it – go for it!! I would tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin the event. Tongue out

By the way, Marvel Comic / Film Studio have announced that Iron Man 2 will be released on April 30, 2010. That’s right – it was such a hit that they are gearing up for number two (granted they went into Iron Man with the plans to make a sequel if it was received well).

Then it gets better – Marvel is going to make a full blown Avengers film in 2011! Imagine: Iron Man, Hulk, Spider Man, X-Man, Nick Fury and Capitan America in one film. Talk about a blow out!!

Iron Man Trailer:

(for those who haven’t seen or heard of the film)