Free Book: Leave It To Chance by Sherri Sand

A friend of mine is giving away a free book by Sherri Sand entitled Leave It To Chance. I have copied part of her book review below to give you a taste. If you want to win the book, all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog before June 3rd and you will be entered in the drawing. Laughing

Leave It To Chance by Sherri Sand
Review by A Little Bit of Sunlight

From the back cover:

Single mom of three, Sierra Montgomery is desperate to find a new job to keep from having to move back home and be smothered to death by her mother’s good intentions and overbearing love. So when Sierra inherits Chance, a quirky old gelding she doesn’t have a clue what to do with, she thinks her best bet may be to sell the horse to cover another month’s rent–a decision that devastates her children.

Enter Ross Morgan, a handsome landscaper who just happens to have an empty barn and fenced pasture… perfect for an old horse to live out his days as the pet of three wounded kids. Ross develops a soft spot for eldest child Braden…and he just might have one for Braden’s mother. But what he doesn’t have is time for distractions–he’s got a landscaping business to run and nursery plants to tend.

But there’s just one problem. Sierra’s terrified of horses and–thanks to her past–wary of attractive men. Yet seeing the way her angry son idolizes Ross and adores that old horse forces Sierra to confront her fears. Will she remain distrustful and self-reliant, or will she seek help from God and those who love her?

[@more@]Sands characterizations have drawn me in and kept me glued to the pages of this sweet/bittersweet romance. Sierra is faced with some of the worst things imaginable – trying to care for her children, no job, moving in with her mother and dealing with her worst nightmare – but through it all, I can see how God could use a similar story to show that He loves his children. The idea of forgiveness is evident throughout the novel.

It is an easy to read novel (its only taking me so long because of time constraints!), with just enough angst to feel real, but not depressing. I adore Sierra’s best friend who tries to witness to Sierra in her own flamboyant way!

I honestly cannot wait to see the rest of the journey!

Please visit Sherri’s website to learn more about this author!

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