Blue Grass & Green Skies

When I peaked the top of Horseshoe Pass this morning, I couldn’t help but be amazed at view before me: Glorious green mountains rolling downward towards the earth with dark blue/gray clouds providing a perfect covering for the peaking sun.

As I drove along the winding road through the mountains, I started to get a little home sick for the Ozarks and their wooded hills. Adding to the scene was the folky music of Nor’Wester singing Sixteen Tons and Fishn’ Blues.

Then, as I entered a small valley at near the base of the mountains, my thoughts turned to Ireland. All of a sudden, the grass on the hills turned blue and skies when green.[@more@]

For the last few months (hmm… half a year now?), I have been going to a small Irish themed coffee shop to relax and read during my lunch breaks. I’ve also found a great online Irish music station ( that has been helping me through my work day.

In some ways, it’s been odd to have this focus on Celtic music… yeah, I’ve always liked Celtic music, but recently it’s been a bigger focus. You see, in the past, I’ve usually turned to bluegrass music (or old school country) when I wanted to relax.

Why the change?

I’m not sure. But what I do know is that while I was driving this morning along the blue grasses and under the green skies, I remembered that the Bluegrass music of the hills originated from the Celtic music of Irish, Welsh, & Scottish immigrants.

So in a way I was going home – home back to the moors of England & Wales from where’s my blood runs.