Blood Diamond

We just finished watching "Blood Diamond"….  For years I have avoided it because I knew it dealt with painful injustice in Africa. That's the thing, you can watch the film as a work of fiction – and walk away just as you came.  

Or you can watch it as it was meant to be watched – as real life. These things happen – are happening – in Africa today as I type. It's a hard bullet to bite….  In a land that has seen peace for 100 years, war and all it's horrors are hard to picture.  There's a huge disconnect.

I liked what the reporter gal in the film said when asked why she keeps going into conflict areas – "Maybe I give a shit".  That's the ticket – once you looked injustice in the face and saw the tears of the Lord, you give a shit. You can't turn back. No matter how tough, how painful or how crazy it may seem – you have to keep moving. Keep caring – keep praying.[@more@]

It seems odd to write these words on a labtop in a nice house in Idaho. Yet I believe they are true. I may have never seen the kind of war or injustice as pictured in Blood Diamond – but I have seen the gulit, the pain, the trauma and the bondage of sin.

We live in a war. All of us. There are no supply officers – we are all on the front lines. We MUST fight.

Yes – there are days when I want to give in and forget the dreams, the passions and the work that God has given me. I look across the fence and wonder if it would be easier to not be a Christian. 

Yet, I must continue. Jermiah once said, "There's a fire in my bones! I must keep speaking the words of the Lord."  (my paraphrase)   I've seem too much. Felt too much – been too close. No mater what I must keep preaching the Kingdom of God. It is the ONLY hope in this world.

It is the hope that will bring peace, love, joy, forgiveness, and life. Yes – it may be head. Nay – it WILL be hard. The evil one does not like us – but the Kingdom as come and is coming. We must care on. He is by our side – let us march forth to the battle – crying as one:

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty. Who was and is and is to come