Balrog – Continued

Dumnestor's Heroes - by Irony-chanAnd you thought I forgot – shame on you!! Tongue out

When we last left our faithful Balrog scholar she was making a Balrog model so she might determine it's mass. Using a bucket of water and a teaspoon Irony-chan determined that a full size Balrog has a volume of 43,000 liters.
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Now that we have the volume, we can find the mass…. oh – wait, we need it's density first. *sigh*[@more@]

Dumnestor's Heroes - by Irony-chan

[full density post here]

More next week….

By the way, if you haven't check out Irony-chan (our awsome Balrog scholar) newest comic (Dumnestor's Heroes) – you need too!! It's pretty cool.  Laughing