The Queens Demands

Following the demands of the Queen, I ran around town today during lunch some various errands (well, I drove to certain locations on the west side – running would entail too much work). The Queen demanded new rocks in her toilet – or she would stop using it at the endangerment of all her royal subjects.

Seeing how this situation could get worse – I decided to follow her Majesty’s orders to the letter:

  • Two 30-lb buckets of cat litter. Check.
  • One 20-lb bag of food (senior care variety). Check.

Did you ever wonder how 20-lbs of food can turn into 30-lbs of cat litter? hmm..maybe it’s better NOT to go there. Undecided

What? You thought I was taking about E?!! Oh, you of little knowledge. She is the High Queen; Jasmine is just The Queen. Tongue out

Speaking of the High Queen, the plumber installed her toilet today as well. Yelp – the basement toilet was installed today! Well, I THINK it was installed…. I haven’t actually SEEN it as I’m still at the office…. but I know the plumber was there today. Generally, if you choose a good and reliable plumber then you can be sure they will have done the job on the day they tell you. Here is the website of a trusted, reliable plumber which you can visit now. However, some plumbers will give you a time or a day on which they will do the work and then won’t turn up for whatever reason. Hmmmm…. maybe I should hold off on this post? Undecided

Guess what? I got chicken fried steak and mash potatoes last night!!! Ah, the small joys in life.