What is "Christianity" coming too? A MARKETING SCHEME?!

A NIV Exhaustive Concordance. That's all I wanted – not some 19th century German theological writings (which, incidentally, they didn't have either)… but the point being is that our local "Christian" book store does not carry a NIV Exhaustive Concordance.  If you want an updated 1890 concordance based upon the 1611 King James Bible?  Not a problem – take your pick from THREE books displayed on the nicely decorated shelves in the back on of the building.  

Or, perhaps you prefer the 1 lb 7.3 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches compact NIC concordance with large print? Boy do we have you covered! Never mind the fact that a "compact" concordance with "large print" would leave you with all of 2,000 words – OUT OF THE 14,197 WORDS IN THE BIBLE!!!!  (14% for you math majors)

As I left the "Christian" book store (75% of which was filled with "Christian" nik-naks), I begin to wonder: Did anyone in Boise have a NIV Exhaustive Concordance in stock? Such begin my quest.

Coconuts shells a bounding, I called the three biggest book stores in town: Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Hastings. After successfully answers all three questions, I discover that Hastings (whom I ranked the lowest on my list of even knowing what a NIV Exhaustive Concordance was) actually had one in stock!!!  Did you hear (or read as the case may be) that??!!  The store I'm usually afraid to enter due to its 'fringe' nature has a Christian Bible Reference book in STOCK while the so-called "Christian" book store doesn't!!! (I pledge the fifth on the whole "fringe" thing…)

I'm torn between ripping my clothes off and cover myself with ashes or making a whip.[@more@]

In a final attempt to redeem the "Christian" name, I call one final store: The Red Letter Books and Café based out of the local Calvary Chapel (I would of called the Vineyard Book Store, but they're closed on Mondays). To my great satisfaction (and the relief of my co-workers who DID NOT want to see me rip my clothes off), they had a copy of The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance!

The world can now continue on its 93.2 million miles journey through space.

With my quest now complete – I order a copy of The Strongest NIV Exhaustive Concordance from the original "Christian" bookstore (gifts cards being hard to transfer…) Undecided